Workshop: Compassion: The Courage to Reconnect

August13 - 182017

Compassion: The Courage to Reconnect

Week-Long Residential (50 hours of training)

Inspired by Joanna Macy’s work, this weeklong workshop, using Psychodrama and Sociometry will support our connection to ourselves, to nature and to other group members; this will foster our courage to see, feel and act on things we feel helpless about in our world. We will learn skills to restore hope to the helpless as well as to ourselves, when we experience front line trauma.

Dates:  August 13-18, 2017 (Sun 3p-Fri 1p)
Location : 1815 Valley Rd, Huntsville, ON, P1H 1A8
Cost: TCPS Students $855, Non-Students $1025 Meals and accommodations included


Donna Chantler RN MEd TEP

Donna Chantler is an adjunct trainer of the Toronto Center of Psychodrama & Sociometry. Donna uses psychodrama in her private practice, when she teaches workshops, and in other countries when doing Humanitarian work. She is very involved in Outreach in her community. For the last two years, Donna has been studying Spanish to better meet the needs of the people she is working with.

Donna Little MSW TEP

Donna has been a psychodrama trainer for 35 years and completed training in systemic family constellation with Heinz Stark through Healing Heart and Soul, LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Donna lives in Guelph, ON and is a trainer with the Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry.

Donna is past vice-chairperson and currently a director of the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. She is also coauthor with Ann Hale of a monograph entitled Sociometric Processing of Action Events (2004).

In March 2009, Donna received the J.L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award. The joy she has in her role of grandparent is reflected in her writing and poetry and the work with trainees and clients.


1815 Valley Rd, Huntsville, ON, P1H 1A8,+Huntsville,+ON,+P1H+1A8&hl=en&sll=43.656877,-79.32085&sspn=0.728271,1.082153&t=h&hnear=1815+Valley+Rd,+Huntsville,+Ontario+P1H+1A8&z=16

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