Workshop: Sociometry: Developing Your Skills as a Group Leader


Sociometry: Developing Your Skills as a Group Leader

6 Tuesday Evenings (18 hours of training)

Whether you are leading a therapeutic group or a team meeting, sociometric exploration plays a key role in the in the success of a group. This workshop will offer techniques to help build a safe cohesive group. Warm participants up to action, safely negotiate moments of tension, and the group to a smooth closure. A sound knowledge of sociometric interventions makes a significant impact on the way a group functions. Come and join us in this series of 6 evenings and learn how to be that group facilitator everyone wants to work with.

Dates:  March 19, 2019; March 26, 2019; April 2, 2019; April 9, 2019; April 16, 2019; April 23, 2019; (6:30p-9:30p)
Location : 4 Austin Crescent, Toronto, ON
Cost:   $360


Barbara Guest-Hargin B.Ed MSW TEP

Barbara is a trainer with The Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry. She has a long history of working in the educational field with groups of all ages and a solid understanding of group dynamics. Barbara combines a private practice near Stratford, ON with teaching and group facilitation. In 2015, she taught a graduate course on Psychodrama and Sociodrama in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University.


4 Austin Crescent, Toronto, ON

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