About the TCPS


The TCPS trainers offer several workshops for personal growth open to the public and for professional development for counsellors, therapists, educators, social workers and others in helping professions.

History of the TCPS

The Centre was formed in 1976 by a community group with the essential skill and commitment of Ann Hale, formerly Director of Residential Training at the Moreno Institute in New York. A program was established at that time which began to provide quality training in psychodrama, not only for residents of southern Ontario, but for an international community of students. A network of both active and supportive members of the Toronto Centre has also contributed to its character and history.

In August 1982, the active members of the Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry began the exciting and challenging process of changing the Centre's structure. Our two aims were to remove the pressure of overwork from a single executive director, and to fully empower the rest of our members to contribute their resources and creativity. Our efforts have come to fruition in the form of a revitalized collective organization which, through consensus, co-operate in all aspects of managing the Centre.