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What are Psychodrama and Sociometry? Curious what happens at TCPS workshops? Read more »

Personal Growth

Many attendees come for their own personal growth. Bring an issue to explore, or come for the profound experience of being part of someone else's healing journey. Read more »

For Practitioners

TCPS training workshops provide solid experiential skills for use with groups and individuals across a range of issues and client populations. Read more »

Become a Student

The Toronto Centre offers a systematic, challenging, and thorough training experience leading to understanding and competence in Psychodrama and Sociometry. Read more »

Upcoming Workshops

June 2, 2018

Community Day

Past and current students are welcome to a day of connection development and TCPS business.

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July 8 - 13, 2018

Be The Change You Want to See

Do you feel alone or helpless as you witness what is happening in the world? Help build a community's where perspectives are explored and discover the creativity of the collective to envision solution...

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August 16 - 21, 2018

Welcoming The Troll Under the Bridge

This workshop will invite participants to consider with compassion and without judgement those part of self that we prefer to keep hidden; those aspects that can suddenly emerge unbidden at awkward mo...

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